Thursday, December 20, 2007

Annis & George Bills

Annis and George Bills were a couple who, although having no children of their own, shared a concern for those less fortunate and also for animals.

During their lifetime they anonymously donated large sums of money for destitute families and, recognising the important roll horses played in business and transport of the day, they donated thousands of horse troughs throughout both Australia and other countries.

A working horse needed approx. 25 litres of water during its working day so to ensure no horse went without,especially in the dry and dusty streets of Australian urban and rural towns, the Bills Horse Troughs were a frequent addition to many a street.

The cost of each trough was 13, made in concrete and many featured a smaller trough at one end designed for dogs' refreshment.

The Bills donated many such troughs overseas to Switzerland, Ireland, England and Japan; some intended for the use of donkeys and mules.

To acknowledge the Bills' efforts, public donations saw the installation of iron hitching posts near the troughs with a plaque giving thanks to Annis and George Bill.

To read more about this selfless couple and their generous lives, click on the link to the right for the Bills Horse Troughs website and find out how they continued to help animals even after their death.


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