Sunday, December 23, 2007

Australian Museum of Childhood

As the old saying goes " what was old is new again" and it's proved correct even more so when you view the toys in the collection of the Australian Museum of Childhood.

Alan Griffith has an amazing array of toys dating back to the late 1800's and ,while styles and materials may change, the toys are replicated again and again throughout the years, proving their popularity.

Machine made or hand made, there are toys here that any child would love to find under the Christmas Tree, no matter what era they came from. Board games with moral messages, jigsaws with political figures, even a small version of the Japanese Midget submarine made from the ballast of the salvaged vessels in Sydney Harbour that were used to raise funds for charity.

Big kids will remember many of these toys and games while the next generation will appreciate the craftsmen who thought outside the box to produce them , often in challenging times.

Interesting to note the Australian toy industry was once worth in access of $200 million (by todays standard) when the Government lifted the tariffs in the early 1960's that allowed imported toys to flood the local market,causing the collapse of the Australian toy industry.

Australian Museum of Childhood

Australian Museum of Childhood


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