Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lost Train Lines #2 Inner Circle Railway Line

Logic dictates that, as the previous entry referred to the Outer Circle Railway, then there must have been an Inner Circle Railway line.
Surprise, surprise - yes there was one named as such!

The Inner Circle Railway Line was opened in 1888 with 3 stations - North Carlton, North Fitzroy and Fitzroy Station on a short branch line from the main track.
For 2 months in 1891 the Inner and Outer Circle Rail lines were the only rail route between the Eastern and Western parts of Vic Railways.

The Inner Circle Railway lost its mainline services in 1901 and, despite timetable experimentation and electrification of the line it was closed to passenger services in 1948.
The last remaining sections of it were used solely for goods trains until 1981.

It is now classed as a rail trail and the map can be viewed HERE.

More information on the Inner Circle Railway Line can be read HERE.

Pictures,maps,plans and more information available HERE.

Always keep your eyes open when out and about as you never know when you might stumble across some of the few remaining buildings from our lost railway lines !


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