Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost Train Lines # 1 Outer Circle Railway Line

How can a state lose a whole railway line ?
In this day of increasing demand upon public transport it's difficult to realise that there were, in the past, several railway lines that carried little or no passengers, despite the growing population around Melbourne and her suburbs.

The Outer Circle Railway Line was a short-lived train line that ran from Fairfield to Oakleigh stations.

It's original purpose was made redundant before the line even opened in 1890, as the Victorian Govt wanted to link Gippsland with other government-owned railway lines in the north and west of Melbourne, encourage suburban growth and development while avoiding a privately owned train line , Melbourne & Hobsons Bay Railway Company.
Now, while the government eventually purchased the private railway line they continued with the completion of the Outer Circle Railway, which was made further redundant during the depression of the 1890's as very little, if any, suburban growth and development took place.

Some of the stations connected to the Outer Circle Railway were Waverley, Deepdene, Fairfield, Kew, to name just a few.

The first section along the line was closed in 1895, with many other sections along the line quickly being absorbed into other, more frequented, train lines.

These days the Outer Circle is described as a rail trail with many of the original unused train stations having been demolished *sob*.

You may view the original railway line map HERE. and the current rail trail map HERE.

Further information about the rail line is available HERE.


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