Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Agnes, The Trestled Temptress

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...ok, ok it was just down in Gippsland in Victoria...in the 1890's a train station was christened Agnes.

But she was more than a stopping point on the South Gippsland Railway Line - for Agnes was bejeweled with a trestle bridge to tempt the most jaded eye across fields of green sure to freshen the travel weary soul.

Alas ! Agnes was treated most unfairly by her masters and given the new moniker of Barry Beach Junction in the 1960's.
Roll the 2 names off your tongue... Agnes...now Barry. It sounds like a dowager duchess forced into exchanging her glass of sweet sherry for a Darwin stubbie.

But I digress....

Barry was similarly kicked to the kerb when the Barry Beach Railway line was closed in 1992....leaving only Agnes/Barry's tempting trestle bridge as a reminder of gentler days of travel.
To feast your eyes on Agnes/Barry's tempting attributes, click HERE.


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