Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cremorne Gardens

From 1853 -1863 Richmond, Victoria, played host to Cremorne Gardens, Australia's first ever fairground.

Based on the models from France and England, Cremorne Gardens contained 10 acres of the most outrageous items of its day; tight-rope walking across a lake, fireworks each night, a rotunda specially for dancing with orchestra, a theatre, a mini-zoo of animals that was exchanged with animals in the Melbourne Zoo, a bowling alley, hot air balloons and a steam-powered gondola that would transport passengers along the Yarra to the Gardens.

It was the finishing point for the world's very first Eight Hours' Day march and the starting point for Australia's very first manned hot air balloon flight, it had its own train station, gas-lit public street lights, a tree house for lovers , and it even provided Burke and Wills with their camels for their expedition.

But alas, as pragmatic people know, money makes the world go round and the lack of it saw the closure of Cremorne Gardens after a brief 10 years of pleasure.

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