Friday, January 11, 2008

Federation Square

Prompted by High Riser's recent entry on Melbourne's Fed Square, I thought I'd pop in it's potted history.

Federation Square, that space directly opposite Flinders Street train station, began life in the Port Phillip colony as a swamp that was often topped up with overflow from the Yarra River.

This "first home-buyers dream house block" then became the public pound for straying horses/cattle/sheep and the pound keeper operated a punt at this point to help little old ladies across the Yarra River.

Deciding that this favourable river-side location,location,location was in need of a morgue and fish market to complete the view, they built them.

Then they decided these was not the best things to be eyeballing as travellers alighted from trains at Flinders St and Princes' Bridge Stations, so they done away with 'em and threw up the current Princes' Bridge, which is the third (and counting) to stand in the same spot.

In the 1960's some bright spark thought erecting the (hideous) Gas and Fuel buildings was a good idea, along with an arcade and the whatnot thingiemebobs associated with Princes Gate Development.

In 1996 someone saw the error of the previous visionarys' way and, amidst raucous cheering from the populace, the (hideous) buildings were removed to make way for the current Federation Square.


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