Thursday, January 3, 2008

General Motors and Holden Stations.

Ironic History here at Lost & Found have spied a possible curse of a name of train stations.

Waaaay back in 1860 when steam trains operated on all lines, there was a station opened on the Sunbury railway line, between Sydenham and Footscray, named Holden.
It mustn't have been too popular as it was shut within the same year and, of course, has since been demolished *sob*.

Fast forward to 1991 and when the General Motors car factory ceased operations the train station, that was purpose built for the factory workers transport in 1956, was forced to limp along until it was officially closed in 2002.

Coincidence that Holden failed so miserably and General Motors, built almost 100 years later, faced the same demise ?


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