Monday, January 14, 2008

Lost Train Lines #11 Wonthaggi Railway line

Feel like packing a picnic and hopping on board a train to Wonthaggi to dip your tootsies into the rippling surf ?
Well can't.
But once upon a time you might have.

Yes, dear reader, waaay back in the dim, dark past of 1910 there was a railway line opened that branched off from the South Gippsland Line and merrily tootled down to picturesque Wonthaggi.

Wonthaggi is so pretty that dinosaurs chose to pop their clogs there and the Victorian Government want to ensure desalination plant workers have the best of views...

But I digress.

The line actually trundled on past Wonthaggi to the coal mines but, with coal production on a downward spiral and despite the potential to extend the line to Phillip Island for a passenger service ( Madness I tell you! Those thousands of tourists can walk, dammit and we'll call it the Bass Coast Rail Trail !) they closed the line in 1978.


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