Saturday, January 19, 2008

Princes Court

Before Melbourne was decorated with the Arts Centre in St Kilda road, from 1904 - 1909 the site was occupied by Princes Court.

Melbournians either enjoyed their entertainments or were sadly in need of amusements, for Princes Court supplied plenty of both.

That saucy minx Annette Kellerman put on a diving display in her barely there costumes while people could take out their frustrations on the rifle range or tug of war.
The mildly adventurous could throw their fate to the winds by strapping on those dangerous roller skates or, worse yet, balancing on a bicycle and race other daredevils !
The more sedate visitors had the quieter options of the Japanese Tea House, a wine bar or simply watching the more bolder members of society exerting themselves silly.

The main attractions, however, were the Camel Back Toboggan and the Canadian Water Chute, both rides which sent thrill seekers careening down from great heights, amidst squeals and screams of delight and terror.

During it's short-lived life, Princes Court played host to the Jumble Carnival that included the magnificent Chinese Procession, the main aim of which was to fund-raise money for the Women's Hospital.

For a pic of Shooting the Chute click HERE.


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