Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Celluloid Heroes

Oh look, the mad old bat is reviewing DVD's now!

Borrowed The Celluloid Heroes from our local library and it's been both an eye-opener and an entertaining experience.

This doco is narrated by the very ocker Bryan Brown and gives the viewer some great interviews with actors, directors and scriptwriters while showcasing film footage barely seen since the cinemas aired their premier showing.

This walk through history shows how little respect and confidence the Australian government placed in the fledgling film industry, despite Australia giving the world the first film doco and the first full-length feature film.

In the face of almost insurmountable odds - like the big Hollywood studios being allowed to buy up all the Aussie cinemas and forcing the smaller independents to show only American movies, the NSW Police Commissioner banning all Aussie bushranger movies while approving American westerns and some American film studios removing all mention of USA-based movies being shot in/directed by/acted in or written by Australia and Australians - the Aussie film industry fought to retain even a pulse in some years but rebellious film makers stood their ground and, eventually, won some little rewards for their efforts.

Have a look at this 4 episode doco on the history of Aussie cinema and, while you'll have a great laugh at some of the comedians, you'll discover some of the not-so-humourous comedians who wrecked the industry behind the scenes.


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