Thursday, February 21, 2008

Edward De Lacy Evans- The Man Who Wasn't

Way back before bras were being burned or bras were even invented, it was strictly a man's world and heaven help any unattached female who found herself flung into the far corners of it without some form of male protection.
The gold rushes and opening up of the new land Australia attracted more than just men to hunt for the elusive glittery stuff; many immigrants came from the four scattered corners of the globe for a variety of reasons but the main aim was unanimous - a new start.

Females travelling without family or any kind of male protector and without money or status were often regarded as loose women or untrustworthy and could expect only the lowest of paid work.
Not mainly taught in your garden variety history lessons are the number of women who masqueraded as men, on both the goldfields and in trade, to simply make their way in life for whatever reason.

Edward De Lacy Evans was one such woman.

Ellen Tremaye was an Irish immigrant who shortly after arriving in Australia adopted the name of Edward De Lacy Evans and, to all intents and purposes, became a man.
Edward married 3 times and worked hard on the goldfields but his secret was only discovered after he was admitted to hospital following a head injury and a breakdown.
Others have written about Edward quite eloquently so to read more about him click HERE, HERE and HERE.


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