Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Extract from The Sydney Gazette Sunday March 25 1804

"The following curious and extraordinary recital we copy from a Letter brought by the Union from Norfolk Island :
"On the 8th February a man was perceived floating on a raft, not less than two miles distant, from the appearance of whom much serious apprehension arose, lest he should be indicative of the loss of some vessel on the Coast. The sea running very high every attempt to render him assistance was impracticable until he approached the shore, almost exhausted. By the yet timely exertions of the Inhabitants he was then brought in and proved to be a man employed at Nepean Island, whither he had been sent for flagitious practices, and accounted for his rash and extraordinary enterprise by his becoming apprehensive of a scarcity of water on the Island. His floating machine consisted of an old door with holes pierced to admit the legs through, he was eight hours performing the exploit, and declares he was nearly the whole time surrounded by sharks, through which he paddled in momentary expectation of falling a victim to the ingenuity of his contrivance , although miraculously he did escape their voracity."


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