Friday, February 22, 2008

The Iron Pot

Way back in the days when the Port Phillip Colony was just a toddler, there was a wonderful comedic actor who's even sharper wits had him building, establishing and creating all manner of things for the populace to gawp at, Cremorne Gardens being just one of many.

George Coppin was an actor of considerable renown who used his earnings as an actor to start up many an enterprise after each bankruptcy, of which there was quite a few.

Rightly fearing none would lease him a theatre after his more recent financial hiccup, Coppin decided to build his own. He imported a pre-fabricated cast iron theatre from Manchester,England and, after slipping elbow A into footrest C and balcony R into roof gable T, in June 1855 Coppin opened his Olympic Theatre in Exhibition St, on the site of the current-day Comedy Theatre.

Alas, while the name might have officially been The Olympic Theatre, the theatre going public themselves christened it with a new moniker - The Iron Pot.

The Iron Pot was an oddity.
It creaked and groaned, was freezing in Winter and boiling in Summer - just like an iron cooking pot.

The Iron Pot was working its magic so much so that by 1859 Georgie-boy turned the theatre in a Turkish Steam Baths that limped soggily along until the late 1890's when The Iron Pot was dismantled and became no more - just an entry into an off-beat Aussie history blog.


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