Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost Train Lines # 13 Welshpool Jetty Tramway

Welshpool was a stop on the South Gippsland line, bustling with goods and people for a hard working 90-odd years of life.
By 1905 the large amount of locally caught fish found it difficult to swim over the 5 kms to the waiting Melbourne-bound train for the growing fish and chip trade, so the Port Welshpool Jetty Tramway branchline was born.
This was a narrow gauge horse-drawn tramway and operated 6 days a week, meeting the trains at Welshpool and trundling goods and some people back down to the jetty.
But, like all good things that have government fingers stuck in them, it came to an end on New Years Day 1941 and was the first of the 5 narrow gauge railway lines to be closed in Victoria.


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