Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Welcome Stranger

February 5, 1869 was the day Richard Oates and John Deason found the world's largest gold nugget, the Welcome Stranger.

At over 70kgs, it was a slightly large bugger!
Of course you can't see it today as it had to be broken into pieces by a blacksmith just to fit it on the scales to weigh it.
But you can see the cast that was made of it and the anvil on which it was busted up at the Dunolly Museum.

Not far from Dunolly, in Moliagul, was the birth place of this whopper piece of gold.
Oates and Deason had been puddling for gold, without much luck as was usual for many gold hunters, when their wheelbarrow worked a rut through the INCH of dirt covering this beauty.

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel as others have said it more eloquently before me today; click on the links below to read, in Deason's own words, how they found and dug up this massive nugget and view the pics ( and dream a little) of all that gold.

The monument,replica,transcripts and photos of Deason and Oates

Another view on the discovery, pic of a replica of the nugget and what happened to Oates and Deason after their windfall.


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