Friday, March 28, 2008

Lost CableTram Lines # 1 North Carlton Route

The delightful Andrew from High Riser fame has been a hard working chap in the search for Melbourne's lost cable tram routes and has given me a list of both the cable tram routes and lost electric tram routes to play mischief with!

Opened on the 9th December 1889, it trundled along from its terminus at the corner of Lonsdale and Swanston Streets, hung a left at Russell street, up and into Lygon St, whipping along until it hung a right into Elgin St where it chucked a quick lefty into Rathdown St and kept going alllllll the way till it finished at Park St, where its engine house sat on the corner.

This cable tram route was closed down on August 2nd 1936.
Perhaps, instead of ignoring our history, it might behoove the state govt to mark the old cable tram routes with plaques similar to those used for the Rosstown Railway line.

To view some of the preserved cable tram cars click HERE.


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