Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lost CableTram Lines # 2 Brunswick Route

On October 1st, 1887 there was the birth of the Brunswick Cable Tram route.

Beginning at the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Sts the cable trams whipped their way up Elizabeth St, along the dog leg into Royal Parade, getting up a bit of speed as they steamed their way up the straight of Royal Parade and over the intersection at Brunswick Rd then into the final stretch of Sydney Rd until they hit the skids to finish at Moreland Rd, which you can view HERE.

The engine house for this route was on the corner of Brunswick Rd and Black St - near the Sarah Sands Hotel. You can read about its heritage listing and description HERE and have a gander of it in all its glory HERE.

Sadly the cable trams were no more after the 29th September 1934, with stretches of the line converted to electricity and diverted onto other routes.
Following the route, below, with the purple dots/lines, there was little opportunity for the conductors to use the usual cable tram call of "Mind the curve!".

You can watch some short clips from the documentary Commuting By Cable HERE.


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