Friday, March 28, 2008

Lost Electric Tram Lines #1 Sandringham - Black Rock

This is the first of the lost electric tram lines (kindly supplied to moi by Andrew at High Riser), the Sandringham to Black Rock tram line.

Opened on the 10th March 1919 and operated by Victorian Railways, the "bush tramway" (as it was known by locals) would choof along its line from Sandringham railway station up into Bay St, hang a quick right into Fernhill Rd, round the dog leg then threw a lefty into Royal Ave. Hitting Bluff Rd the tram would chuck a right and keep travelling along it until it came to the end at Balcombe Rd, Black Rock.

Leaving its depot at Sandringham Station Yards for the final time at the end of August 1931, the line was officially closed on September 1st 1931 due to bugger all bums on seats as, most probably due to the economic depression, the area was slower to develop than had been anticipated.
A bus replaced the old tram.

For a photo of the grand opening of the tram line click HERE.

This electric tram service replaced an older horse-drawn tram service, read about it HERE.


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