Monday, April 7, 2008

Horse Drawn Trams #3 Coburg Horse Tram

16 months after the Melbourne Tramway & Omnibus Co. opened the Brunswick cable tram route the need to extend the line even further had become apparent so the Northern Tramway Co. began running the Coburg Horse Tram in February 1889.

At the intersection of Moreland and Sydney Rds the horse tram would begin where the cable tram left off and passengers wanting to travel even further into the wilds of Coburg did so under horse power.

Sitting bolt upright in the saloon tram cars, passengers could sight see all the wonders of Coburg and surrounds behind a reliable dobbin, who would clop that tram all the way up Sydney Rd until it reached the intersection of Gaffney St.
And stop.

The sight and sound - and, no doubt, smell that sent gardeners scurrying for a dust pan and brush - of the working tramway horses was later controlled by the Coburg City Council and then not at all after 1916 as the line (but not the equines) had become electrified.

For some photos of the Coburg Horse Tram click HERE and HERE .


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