Monday, April 28, 2008

Horse Drawn Trams #4 Richmond - Hawthorn

Where the Richmond Cable Tram route finished, at Hawthorn Bridge, was a horse drawn tram that would whisk it's passengers to Hawthorn.

From January 27, 1890, commuters travelling to Hawthorn would step from the cable tram at Hawthorn Bridge and climb aboard the horse tram to venture along Burwood Rd until the Power St corner was attained.

Turning right into Power St, Dobbin would pull the tram filled with passengers down the road where the horse would step out smartly to his left into Riversdale Rd.

The equine could have a brief rest when Auburn Rd, and the end of the route, was reached.

Gardeners along the route were blessed with free manure for 36 years until the line was closed and those new electric fandangled trams were put into service.


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