Monday, April 28, 2008

Horse Drawn Trams #5 Richmond - Kew Cemetery

Anyone wishing to travel further along from the Victoria Bridge cable tram route would have to remove themselves from the cable tram, cross the Yarra River via Victoria Bridge on their own 2 feet and hail the horse drawn tram on the other side.

Starting a little over 1 year after the Victoria Bridge cable tram route opened, on December 28, 1887, the Richmond - Kew Cemetery horse tram was kept busy with people discovering the joys of commuting further distances than they'd dreamed possible before.

Travelling along Barkers Rd, Neddy would take the passengers around to the left into High St where they'd pass through the Kew Junction only to continue along High St until the Kew Cemetery was reached.

So busy was this particular route that 8 tram cars, and matching gee-gees, were in use until the last day of December, 1914 when the line was electrified.


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