Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Horse Drawn Trams # 6 Caulfield-Glenhuntly-Elsternwick

April 1889 saw the first of the Caulfield Tramway Company's horse-drawn trams tripping merrily from Glenhuntly Rd to Caulfield railway station and back again but not for very long as the line closed later that same year.

The Caulfield Tramway Company opened, also in April 1889, their horse-tram line from Elsternwick train station to Glenhuntly railway station, along Glenhuntly Rd.

This kept trotting along the 4 miles, 30 chains distance until the Company went belly up in 1894 but was reopened, albeit briefly, by the newly formed Caulfield,Elsternwick and Malvern Tramway Company Limited in November 1901.

This new reincarnation only lasted until October 1902 when the line was closed for good, although the rails were still to be found in Glenhuntly Rd when those new fandangled electric trams were put through in 1913.


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