Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Horse Drawn Trams #7 Beaumaris

February 8, 1889 saw the beginning of the Beaumaris Tramway Company horses clip-clopping their way from Sandringham railway station following the seafront of Beach Rd until Tramway Parade was found.

Turning left into the parade, the tram tracks faithfully copied the wiggles of the road into the straight stretch where Tramway Pde met Balcombe Rd.

Reining the horses to the right the tram would travel the short way to Charman Rd where the tracks, and Dobbin, would swing the passengers in their seats to the left, conveying them to the Cheltenham Railway station.

Due to the lack of that nasty thing, money, being spent on the upkeep of the tram tracks, it was deemed too expensive to repair, too expensive to electrify and too expensive to replicate so the Beaumaris Tramway Company began closing services in 1915.

For further details, information and pictures (including a map of the route) click HERE.

Photo from Clang,Clang,Clang; A Study of Melbourne's Tramways by Marc Fiddian.


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