Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #10 Clifton Hill

Opening 20 days earlier than the Nicholson St cable line on 10th August, 1887, Clifton Hill generously shared it's engine house on the corner of Gertrude and Nicholson Streets with it's sister line.

Also beginning at the corner of Spencer and Bourke Streets, Clifton Hill cable tram would swing it's way up Bourke St until it huffed up beside the Windsor Coffee Palace and, turning it's back on the edifice of wowsers, would trundle to the left into Spring St.

Finding that little better with the politicians taking up residence, the tram would nip off to the right into Nicholson Street, where it would gurgle and bubble with excitement like a puppy let off the chain and the miles of Nicholson Street track would be gobbled up in an instant.

Reaching Gertrude Street the tram would give a cheeky wave to it's engine house as it zipped around the corner to the right and skipped it's way along Gertrude St until it found Smith St a better proposition and lurched left into it.

Smith St must have entertained the Clifton Hill cable tram no end, for it stuck to it's guns and saw Smith St to the end and then wandered to it's right into Queens Parade to look for further fun, coming to an abrupt halt when it finally found the limit to it's free reign at the Merri Creek Bridge.

Alas, the fun and games of the Clifton Hill cable line came to an end on 26th October, 1940.
Pfft, wowsers and spoilsports.


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