Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #11 Johnston Street Bridge

On the 21st December, 1887, the good people of Melbourne were given an early Chrissy pressie in the form of the Johnston Street Bridge cable tram route.

How exciting it would have been for last minute shoppers to climb aboard on the corner of Rathdowne and Johnston Sts to find themselves giddily transported along Johnston St at a rate of knots not previously experienced.

As they crossed the intersection of Johnston and Brunswick Sts, interested passengers could peer at the rapidly disappearing engine house of their cable tram whilst being still hurtled along the great carriageway.

Those wishing to take a gentle stroll in Studley Park to recover their breath could do so after the tram terminated at the Johnston Street Bridge.

But, from April 15th, 1939, the great Johnston Street Bridge cable tram dash was no more.


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