Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #14 Clifton Hill - Northcote

3 years after the Clifton Hill cable tram route was started, on February 18, 1890 the Clifton Hill - Northcote extension began hustling about it's business.

Beginning where the Clifton Hill line left off, at Merri Creek Bridge, the tram would gather it's skirts about it's ankles and flash along High St in all it's red hussy painted glory.

Crossing over Separation St and then dashing beyond the reaches of Darebin Rd to it's right, the tram would then pass it's engine house on the corner of Martin St as it chortled along for the last bustle, slowing for a bow to it's partner when it gained the intersection of High and Dundas Sts.

October 26th, 1940 saw the Clifton Hill - Northcote cable tram flash into history.


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