Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #15 North Fitzroy

Melbourne streets were never the same after October 2, 1886 when the North Fitzroy cable trams began prettying up the street-scape with it's buttercup yellow livery.

Starting it's casual stroll from the corner of Collins and Spencer Sts, the tram would amble up Collins St to Spring St where it would sneak off to the left into Macarthur and Gisborne St for a brief diversion until it found the busy Victoria Parade.

Performing a ballet-like maneuver the sunshine-hued tram would nip into Victoria Pde to it's right only to confuse any followers by quickly, and gracefully, tripping lightly to it's left into Brunswick St, past it's own engine house.

Once in Brunswick St the cable made sure the tram could not be distracted by any sidestreets and it stuck to it's tracks until the thoroughfare nudged over to the right and became St George's Rd.

St George's Rd took the tram past the Edinburgh Gardens and into the wilds of Fitzroy and Thornbury where it ran parallel to the railway line and could almost race the train from Merri station to Thornbury.
But once the tram reached Miller St, the race would have been over for it as it was the end of the line, just as it was for good and all on June 7th, 1930.


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