Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #16 North Melbourne

Attired in fabulous green, the North Melbourne cable tram line began to scoot from the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale Sts on March 3rd, 1890.

When reaching the corner of Lonsdale and Spencer Sts the tram would tuck it's heels under it as it sailed round the corner to it's right and would then zoom along Spencer St, leaning into the curve of the carriageway before it found Abbotsford St, on it's right, was a good lurk to check out.

Probably giving it's engine house barely a blink as it crossed over Queensberry St, the green gremlin tram would slow to a tinkling canter as it turned left into Flemington Rd, which it would follow until it found the limit of it's cable at Felmington Bridge.

The line was closed, with barely a whimper, on July 20th, 1935.


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