Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #17 West Melbourne

18th April , 1890 saw the West Melbourne cable trams begin their rather short-ish route, clad in a drab brown.

Stepping out from the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Sts, the West Melbourne tram would slip along Victoria St until it found Errol St suitable enough to nip into on it's right.

Ducking round the corner into Queensberry St, the tram would breathe a sigh of relief as it finished it's uninspiring parade of mission brown clothing when it stopped at Abbotsford St, where it shared the engine house with the North Melbourne cable tram.

A change of paint colour to the uniform chocolate and cream couldn't save the West Melbourne tram from closing on the same day as it's North Melbourne sister, July 20th, 1935.


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