Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #4 South Melbourne Beach

The 17th June, 1890 saw the opening of the South Melbourne Beach cable tram route.

Running from its terminus at the corner of Collins and Market Sts in the city, the cable trams would huff and puff their way down Market St, leaning to the right as they entered Sandridge Rd (known these days as Queensbridge St) and continued down the road veering slightly to the right as Sandridge Rd (this part known as City Rd now) crossed over Kings Way.

Hanging a sharp left into Clarendon St the tram would puddle along down that carriageway until it came upon Park St where it would change its mind and chuck a right.
Park St scenery would soon give way to a left turn into Montague St but that would only last until the passengers reached a right hand turn at Bridport St.
Bridport St was a fairly straight run except with the dog leg bend to the left where it became Victoria Parade which the tram would faithfully follow, its cables leading it ever onward when it would find the end of its journey at Beaconsfield Parade and the gritty sand of South Melbourne Beach.

This route was worked every day for almost 47 years till the line was closed forever on March 13th, 1937.
The engine house was located near the corner of Sandridge Rd (City Rd) and Cecil St.


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