Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #5 Port Melbourne

Opened on the 10th of June in the dim recesses of history that was the year 1890 was the cable tram line to Port Melbourne.

Beginning only 1 week earlier than it's sister line to South Melbourne Beach, the Port Melbourne line also shared the same engine house (near the corner of Cecil St and City Rd) and the same terminus that was the corner of Collins and Market Sts in the City.

But after the Port Melbourne tram had raced from its starting blocks and crossed Flinders Street and rounded the curve that was Queensbridge St (formally introduced to the masses as Sandridge Rd) it ignored it's sister line's tempting turn-off into Clarendon St and continued down City Rd.

Like a duck seeking water the Port Melbourne cable tram stuck to its direct route to the sea and kept trundling down City Rd until City Rd changed into something more comfortable and became Bay St.

Pausing briefly to catch it's breath at the end of Bay St, the tram would zip around to the right into Beach St and present the sparkling Port Phillip Bay on its left to the passengers.
Having fulfilled its promise to the public, the tram would potter along until it reached Station Pier where many a loved one was seen off with tears and promises to write - and others were just seen off.

Sadly one last thing this line shared with the South Melbourne Beach line was the date of closure, March 3rd 1937.

The car house for the Pt Melb line was located in Beach St, Pt Melb.


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