Monday, April 7, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #6 Prahran

Shoppers in 1888 were as discerning for quality goods as they are today and thus Chapel St became a shopping mecca necessitating a cable tramway to cater for those bustled beauties who shopped till they dropped.

October 16 of that illustrious year saw the first cable tram service running its little cotton socks off from the Toorak Rd / Chapel St intersection - where its engine house called home - down past the tempting goodies of Patterson's Cakes, Turkish Baths ( both hot and cold) on offer at The Prahran Arcade and Read's Emporium tempting the hoi polloi.

Many other grand visions bedazzled the boggled eyes of the passengers until the corner of Wellington St was attained where, before the Astor Theatre was in residence, horse stables claimed the corner as home until the Diamond Picture Theatre, later known as The Theatre Rex, began enchanting passers by.

Alas, the Astor Theatre was never to witness cable trams rattling to a stop near it as the Prahran cable service ceased transporting people to worlds of wonder, as well as merely to Wellington St, on August 28th, 1926.

For pics of the Prahran cable tram click HERE and HERE.


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