Monday, April 14, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #8 Richmond

11th November, 1885 was a momentous day in Melbourne history that witnessed the opening of the very first cable tram route, to Richmond.

The Richmond "Baby Line", as it was known, ran a trial tram on October 27 and all was well with the New York-built Tram No 1.

Starting from the corner of Bourke and Spencer Sts, the blue tram whizzed down Spencer St to the Flinders St corner where it would slip around to the left, giving the conductor the opportunity to warn passengers "Mind the curve!".

Chortling along Flinders St the tram would gracefully veer to the right into Wellington Parade, where it would continue along with a slight meander to the right, again, as it crossed over Punt Rd and into Bridge Rd, and past its own engine house.

After it sailed over Church St, Bridge Rd (at the time) became Campbell Parade but the tram still doggedly continued on its merry way until it reached the end at Hawthorn Bridge at Yarra Boulevard.

Although June 30th, 1927 was the date the Richmond line closed, Tram No 1 remained in service until the last cable tram line ceased in 1940.

For a great pic of the official opening of the Richmond line, click HERE.


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