Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lost Cable Tram Lines #9 Nicholson Street

The 30th August, 1887 was the birth date of the Nicholson Street cable tram line.

Beginning it's jaunt from near the corner of Spencer and Bourke Streets in the City, the tram would sedately tootle up Bourke Street politely nodding it's passengers heads as it passed the GPO and, further along, Coles Book Arcade, until it came to a brief halt beside the Grande Dame of architecture, The Hotel Windsor.

Turning left into Spring St the tram would then gently sashay to the right into Nicholson Street where it would stubbornly stick to it's delicate track and stroll along; through East Melbourne and beyond it's own engine house on the corner of Gertrude and Nicholson Sts, into the wilds of Fitzroy and then the many gardened areas of Carlton.

With Fiztroy North to it's right and Carlton North to it's left, the tram would come to a gentle finish at the intersection of Park St.

Resolutely the cable tram followed this pattern - and it's track - for 53 years until it was deemed an antique and closed on October 26th, 1940.


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