Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Lost Cemetery of Beaumaris.

Well, it's not as lost as some would claim!

Way back in the not-so-very distant annals of time, or 1855 to be precise, a nice chappie called Stephan Charman gave a plot of land to the Methodist Church to build on the site.
The site being the current-day western corner of Balcombe Rd and Bickford Crt, Beaumaris.

A Wesleyan Church and cemetery were established, with many bodies filling both the church and the cemetery.
1893 saw the church shifted to Langwarrin with the left behind patch of dirt used for grazing cattle, circus animals and, in 1954, subdivided into 7 building blocks.
With the 126 + burials still intact!

Along came an intrepid woman, Shirley Joy, who spent probably endless hours tracing documents and details until she was able to assemble a list of the names of those buried and exactly where the cemetery was...and still is.
Read about Shirley Joy HERE.

The site is classed as one of historical significance and also a Sacred Site as the cemetery contains the burial of an Aboriginal person.
Further details are available HERE.


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