Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lost Railway Stations - Campbellfield

Back in 1889, had you been standing near the current-day intersection of the railway line and Camp Rd, Campbellfield, looking north you would have spied the Campbellfield Railway Station.
(Melways Map 7, F 9)

Being the second last stop on the then single track train line to Upfield, Campbellfield had a semi-busy existence for 67 years, despite having only 1 platform, with the Broadmeadows Military camp and many varied businesses, including clay pits, within spitting distance.

With the urban sprawl reaching it's fingertips further out from the Melbourne CBD, one would have to wonder at the 1956 demolition of the Campbellfield station.
A clean up to present a pretty face for the Melbourne Olympics, no doubt, saw the end of this little station that is desperately needed these days with the large shopping centre and residential estates now colouring the area.

An undated photo of the Campbellfield station may be eyed HERE.


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