Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost Railway Stations - Holden

Yes, we've had - still have, actually - the station called General Motors but way back in the steam-driven past of 1860, for 1 brief year, we also had a train station named Holden.

Why it was called Holden, I don't know, but the road near the station is still titled Holden Rd so the iron road may have borrowed the gravel road's moniker.

Located on the Bendigo - Melbourne line, Holden graced the paddocks from January 1, 1860 until December 31, 1860, near the aforementioned Holden Road (Melways Map 354 H3).
Why it was opened no one can say and why it was closed is as much a mystery.
The station buildings were shifted to Gisborne train station and thus Holden was relegated to dust and a footnote in the history of Victorian Railways.


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