Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lost Railway Stations - Pic Nic

With a name that conjures up wicker baskets packed with the kitchen reject crockery and enough egg and pickle sandwiches to open another hole in the ozone layer with the results, Pic Nic Train Station sounds like it was an ideal spot to venture to on balmy Sunday afternoons.

And perhaps it was, for, as close I can scout on the maps, Pic Nic was most likely smack bang in current-day Burnley Oval; near the bank of the Yarra River and with the train terminating for 7 months at Pic Nic, it would have been a pretty spot to do just as the name suggests - picnic.

The line from Richmond to Pic Nic opened on September 24, 1860 with the line not extended to Hawthorn until April 13th the following year, so there would have been many commuters who discovered the reason for such a pretty name of a steam train terminus.

Alas, like all good things, Pic Nic came to an end almost 38 years afterwards, on 19th July, 1898 and was demolished.


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