Monday, April 14, 2008

Lost Railway Stations - White City

White City, on the Sydenham line, was birthed on November 11th, 1927 as Coursing Platform and re-christened as White City in 1929.

It's main function was to sit there and look pretty for the chaps and chappesses who worked in the local industries even though it pulled its proverbial finger out and worked as a garden variety suburban station, too.

As it was only 700 metres west of Tottenham Station (Melways map 41 C4) , it was decided to shut up White City's shop permanently after Tottenham had extensive botox, liposuction and renovations in 1981.
The station was demolished some time after this and not a trace of it is to be spied today, even though you may gaze at this picture HERE for as long as you like.


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