Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lost Train Lines # 15 Warburton Railway Line

November 13, 1901 saw the grand opening of the Warburton Railway Line; so grand was it that all State schools in the Upper Yarra Shire celebrated with a holiday and a large picnic at Warburton West.

It was originally suggested to be a narrow gauge line but this was dismissed with a wave of a hand and the line was built as a proper, sturdy, take-no-nonsense broad gauge railway which carried upon its hearty back both goods services and passengers alike.

Chugging its way through 11 stations before it slid to home base at Warburton, sadly declining passenger numbers rang the death knell for this 38km line that wound its way through some of the prettiest countryside in Victoria. The last train graced the tracks on August 1, 1965.

The line could still be reinstated today; with almost all of the *gag* rail trail intact and only 1 bridge to be replaced perhaps some day (don't hold your breath though) a govt will realise the potential value of renewing the trains upon that track.
Click HERE for the *gag* rail trail site.


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