Monday, April 14, 2008

Lost Train Lines #17 Koondrook Tramway / Railway

Koondrook Railway was, technically, a tramway as it had no signals, wasn't fenced and was built on the light side...but it was a railway.

Built as a light, broad gauge railway in 1889, it was privately owned by the Kerang Shire Council to meet the Victorian Railways station at Kerang and to convey goods and people to and from Koondrook on the Murray River, including goods brought to Koondrook by the river boats.

Victorian Railways took over the tram/railway in 1952 and it continued its hard working life until 1976 saw the passengers alight for the last time and the freight goods off-loaded for the final time in 1978.

For more detailed information and some great photos click HERE.


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