Monday, August 18, 2008

Laura and Charles Ferguson Museum in Mentone

I was going tell you about this brilliant little museum tucked away in Old Bakery Lane, behind Mentone Parade, in Mentone.
I was also going to tell you that it has some fantastic items on display, is rich in resources and is quite an eye-opener of what our urban beaches once looked like.
Another thing I was going to share with you was that the volunteer staff are helpful, friendly, cheerful and waiting to answer any query people might have for them.
But Feral Beast has beaten me to the punch and blogged about the museum HERE.
But you can still pop along and visit this wonderful museum every Sunday 2-5pm for the miserly sum of $2 entry and get a great look, and feel, for many a lost yesteryear around Mentone, Parkdale, Beaumaris, Mordialloc and districts.


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