Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let's get lost at Cocoroc !

OK, how about let's not get lost at Cocoroc.
(For those wondering, it's Aboriginal for "frog" ).
Might make for awkward explanations as to why we're all wandering around in a ghost town only 44kms from Melbourne.
Yes, Cocoroc is merely a name on the old Google map these days, although street view will give you a great close up of all that is no longer of the town.

Waaaay back in the dim dark past of 1892, when The Powers That Be realised that Marvellous Melbourne (or Smelbourne as it was fast becoming known) was seriously on the nose, a sewerage filtration plant was built.
Now, logic dictates that any treatment system needs to be far from the delicate nostrils of the upper echelon but it still required people to work it; so Cocoroc came into being.
A town built to house, educate and grow into a community to over 500 people with 4 primary schools, their own town hall and post office.
They fielded their own footy team, which trained on it's own home footy ground, swam in their own swimming pool in Summer, lobbed a few tennis balls over the net at their tennis courts and on Sundays they attended the Cocoroc church.
Cocoroc came to an end slowly; although the rent was cheap with 2 milking cows thrown in, with no gas or electricity the residents had to use kero lamps and candles, and pumping water for the house was a daily chore, as was boiling up the copper for wash day.
And then the houses were needing more and more maintenance.....
The houses and buildings were carted away when the Metropolitan Board of Works called it quits, with one of the 4 schools being demoted to becoming the Werribee Scout Hall.
So jump onto Google maps and have a gander at Cocoroc, have a wander along the main road in Street View but try not to get lost there coz no bugger will be around to lead you home.


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