Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cockle Steam Train...but no Molly Malone.

Molly Malone might have been trundling a barrow through streets broad and narrow but the Cockle Steam Train can beat that any day.
All the poppets in South Oz who lived near Victor Harbour would hop on board a horse-drawn train to Goolwa and trip lightly down to the beach to collect those yummy cockles (but not mussles) from near the mouth of the Murray River.

In 1854 The Powers That Be listened to those with commonsense (they used to do that more frequently back then) and built what was the first public railway with steel tracks in Oz to service not just those seafood junkies but to connect the trade on the Murray River with Port Elliot and Victor Harbour.
Steam engines took over the job from the gee-gees in 1884 and have been doing the work ever since.

You can click HERE for more info on times, tickets and trivia.
But there'll be no fishmongers nor links to Dublin's fair city.


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