Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home Rule in NSW not a political demand.

Home Rule was once a thriving, bustling township on the Mudhut Creek Road in NSW.
Just north of Mudgee and slightly south-east of Gulgong, it was the rich pickin's at Canadian Lead that drew the bodies and souls like flies to honey, with eventual gold discoveries a little further east at Home Rule.

Thriving and bustling indeed; with 20,000 inhabitants from May 1872 busting a gut to gouge the gold from the ground and the many and varied businesses that seem to spring up, like fungus on a damp log, around human habitation sites.
There were at least 10 pubs, several boarding houses, a couple of general stores, butchers, bakers and tent makers, a butter and corn store, saddlers, chemists and at least 3 doctors, a saleyards, a bootmaker and a restaurant.
(One wonders if the restaurant necessitated the need for the doctors; it couldn't possibly have been the hotels, surely!)
There was a school for the, inevitable, arrival of rug-rats, a greengrocers store and a *gasp* billard parlor!

As several of these establishments were owned by Chinese people, one may assume there were many Chinese miners also grunting and groaning their way through the hard soil for the elusive glittering gold.

But, of course, nothing lasts forever and the gold reefs in and around Home Rule obeyed the laws of averages exactly.
Once the gold began disappearing so did the miners and along with a vanishing mob of customers so the various businesses followed.
Trek over to Home Rule via Google Maps (ooo I so love that gadget!) and say g'day to the very few scattered houses that mark the spot of the once large town site.


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