Monday, July 25, 2011

HomeBush, Homebush, Lower HomeBush, HomeBush Lower and another Homebush or 3

NB Those pretty colours are links to photos and websites....go explore them, there will be an *exam on this later.

Homebush? you say.
Have you gone mad? (Rhetorical question, of course I'm mad).
Everyone knows Homebush is in NSW.
Ahhh....but is it?

Once upon a time a bajillion years ago I parked my carcass in a little area outside Bendigo (Vic) known as Junortoun.
Which, until just 20 years earlier, had been called.....Homebush.
It had hosted a Homebush gold rush....a Homebush Hotel which provided background scenery to a murder most foul..... the Homebush Steeplechase and Homebush Welter (horse races)...
It was changed as so many people had their mail accidentally re-directed to Homebush in NSW.
Which isn't in Victoria, obviously.
They were so lax in using postcodes.
Tsk, tsk.

Although the Homebush in Queensland is still in existance.
Do we assume they use carrier pigeon...?

And not to forget HomeBush and Lower HomeBush.
Or HomeBush Lower.
Also in Victoria.
Not at the same time as the Junortoun one.
That would just be too silly.
Imagine, using the same town name over and over
Yes, the two would have been alive and thriving at the same time.

HomeBush and Lower HomeBush/HomeBush Lower (near Avoca)  popped up during a flush of gold fever, as towns were want to do, in 1853.
It did stick around long enough to get well established to the point it had a HomeBush railway station (squeezed in between Avoca and Bung Bong on the line to Maryborough), pubs, mines, schools, shops, a boarding house, churches, the whole catastrophe. still exists.
HomeBush in Victoria may have a 0   apparently has a population of at least 3, according to the irate correspondence I received (January 2018) but it is still marked on maps....hasn't changed its moniker... go on, go check it out on Google Maps , sadly no Street View as Google hasn't trundled down the unpopulated streets/roads/lanes.
You can still go back to HomeBush.....

*No, no exam, just playing with your mind.


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